The Aradin Charitable Trust is committed to supporting minority communities, especially Aramaic-speaking communities, to preserve their linguistic and historical heritage, and to facilitate their engagement in internationally-recognised research.

Aradin will work with target communities and partner academic institutions to create a strong platform for academic excellence, dialogue and engagement. It will encourage the highest standard of research and promote training and educational opportunities.

Priority will be given to research projects that involve collaboration with other higher education institutions and/or with other national and international funding bodies.

Research Projects

Scholarship without Frontiers

Aradin aims to create a network of dynamic and engaged scholars, graduate students and postdoctoral researchers to share expertise and knowledge of the Aramaic-speaking and related cultures, and to encourage academic exchange between scholars of different cultural backgrounds.

Please e-mail us if you require more information and/or wish to join our programme.

Codicology and Cataloguing

Aradin is in the process of establishing codicology and cataloguing projects with leading academic institutions, including the University of Cambridge and Hill Museum and Manuscript Library (HMML). The collaboration with HMML offers postgraduate students, selected by Aradin, in-depth, specialist training in manuscript care and preservation. HMML is the world leader in the photographic preservation of manuscripts and has worked with manuscript collections in Europe, Africa, the Middle East and south India.

At the same time the Trust is working with Prof. Michelle Brown, an expert in Western Manuscripts and former Keeper of Manuscripts at the British Library, London, to design a short foundation course on codicology and cataloguing of manuscripts.

This specialist training will equip students to carry out the highest standard of research and manuscript care in their home communities and inspire a new generation of scholars to study their rich and varied heritage.

The Sibawayhi Project

The aim of this project is to revive the study of traditional Arab linguistics, especially Kitab Sibawayhi, the first Arabic grammar book, dating back to the 8th century A.D. While there is an 18th century German translation of the 900-page book, much work remains to preserve and digitise the original manuscripts, translate them into English, and provide an online critical study of the work. Without the help of two prominent scholars, M.G. Carter and Kees Versteegh, and their leadership of an international team of specialists at the Cambridge Society of Arabic Linguists, this acknowledged masterpiece of Arabic linguistics would be lost for new generations.

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