In 2012, Dr Amal Marogy founded the Aradin Charitable Trust in Cambridge, England, to advance education in rare and minority languages in the Middle East, help preserve cultural heritage, counter prejudice and promote peace by supporting education, rigorous research, informed discussion and intercultural dialogue.

Aradin Charitable Trust

Aradin Charitable Trust is a UK-registered charity (no. 1153576) that advances education in minority languages and protection of their heritage around the world, but especially in the Middle East. By funding fellowships, cultural research and language education, Aradin aims to raise awareness of the ancient minority communities in the Middle East, under threat of losing their culture, community and languages, especially Aramaic.

Our mission is to...


Saving endangered languages, especially Aramaic, and the heritage of minority communities in the Middle East by offering them training in research and archival work.


Creating a network of scholars engaged in sharing knowledge and expertise while helping students gain funding and fellowships to study languages and cultures at risk.


Promoting peace and mutual respect by engaging students from different cultures persecuted minorities and secure communities in dialogue.


Encouraging and setting up schools, colleges, libraries, museums, etc., to preserve threatened languages and cultural and historical artefacts for posterity.


Who is Aradin helping?

We are focusing on historic communities that are being threatened or uprooted.

Why Christians in the Middle East?

The ancient Christian communities are small and particularly threatened. If they are targeted, recent events have shown that soon no small community is safe.

Why can't these Christians just go back where they came from?

The Middle East is their home; they have never lived anywhere else.

What about Muslims and Jews?

We welcome support from the majority communities. We believe there is a place for everyone in the Middle East. If we can help other threatened communities, we will.

Aradin Charitable Trust, registered charity 1153576 (UK)
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